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Sarah Sands is married to the newspaper editor and journalist Kim Fletcher. She was at one point the editor of the Sunday Telegraph (after being deputy editor for 10 years). She relaunched the Sunday Telegraph as "something lovely"[1] aimed more directly at women. But as David Rowan commented in the Evening Standard,

circulation is playing a distinctly depressing tune. Last month, after a launch buoyed by marketing and a free DVD, sales fell back by more than 10 per cent to 642,000 copies, of which just 249,000 were bought domestically at full price.[2]

Rowan quotes Sands as saying,

"What I have now is a very attractive package for advertisers."

Fletcher blames the crisis on the "dwindling circulation of Sunday papers on the plethora of extra sections now appearing in their Saturday rivals." "Fletcher, as he admitted in his piece for the MediaGuardian," reported the Press Gazette, "is married to Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands, who has recently presided over a slump in sales. Must be nice to have the old man doing the PR for you."[3]


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