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Dr Sarah Hendry is a comparative national water lawyer and an expert in Scots and EC water law working at the Unesco Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Background and Work

"Her thesis looked at reform of national water law in four jurisdictions including legal frameworks for IWRM; water rights and allocation; water quality; and the regulation of water services.

Sarah has been working with Professor Bonell, Professor Werritty and Dr Tom Ball on a pilot project for natural flood management on the Borthwick, within the Tweed catchment; the Tweed will be a candidate HELP basin when there is a call for new basins later in the year. She has been actively involved in the Centre’s role as regional coordinator for the European HELP basins; with a background in multidisciplinary research she expects to engage closely with the nexus between science and law-and-policy which is fundamental to the HELP agenda" [1]


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