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Roman Joch is the Executive Director of the Civic Institute in Prague. Born in present day Slovakia, Dr. Joch moved to Prague to study medicine. After obtaining his MD degree from Charles University, he worked as a Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Civic Democratic party (1994-1996). After co-operating with the Civic Institute from its founding, he joined full-time as an analyst and writer in 1996. He is a commentator and lecturer on political philosophy, international relations, with an emphasis on US Domestic and Foreign Policies [1].


  • (2000) American Foreign Policies and the Role of the US in the World (Studies OI, Prague)
  • (2003) Why Iraq? Reasons and Consequences of the Conflict (Prague)
  • (2003) Rebellion against the Revolution of the 20th Century (With Frank S. Mayer, Prague)


Democracy and Security International Conference, Attendee [2]| Neuwaldegg Institute | Civic Institute Prague |


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