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Robert William Seton-Watson (August 20, 1879–July 25, 1951), commonly referred to as R.W. Seton-Watson, he also used the pseudonym Scotus Viator, was a British historian who also played an active role in encouraging the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during and after World War I.[1] In 1917-1918, Seton-Watson served on the Intelligence Bureau of the War Cabinet in the Enemy Propaganda Department where he was responsible for British propaganda to the Austrian and Hungarian peoples. [2] His son was Hugh Seton-Watson, who also became involved in propaganda in the 1970s with the Institute for the Study of Conflict.

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  • The Southern Slav Question (1911)
  • Sarajevo : A Study In The Origin Of The Great War (1926)
  • A History Of The Roumanians (1934)
  • Disrali, Gladstone And The Eastern Question (1935)
  • Britain In Europe (1789-1914): A Survey Of Foreign Policy (1937)
  • Britain And The Dictators: A Survey Of Post-War British Policy (1938)
  • From Munich to Danzig (1939)
  • Masaryk In England (1943)
  • A History Of The Czechs And Slovaks (1943)


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External links

  • Scotus Viator (pseudonym), Racial Problems in Hungary, London: Archibald and Constable (1908), reproduced in its entirety on line.


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