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Richard Ritchie is UK Director of UK Government Affairs for BP. Ritchie is a member of the Conservative Party.


According to a biographical note:

Trained as a musician, Richard subsequently obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies. He has worked in many areas of BP including planning, Human Resources, and industrial and retail marketing. His current responsibilities include political advice and analysis for BP’s CEO and Managing Directors; co-ordination and management of BP’s oral and written responses to Government; and external presentation of BP’s political interests and concerns. Richard is a former Conservative Parliamentary candidate, and served on Spelthorne Borough Council 1973-77. He is a member of Equity and continues, when possible, to work in the theatre and films. He is the composer of many musicals and songs.[1]


He featured in the 1973 BBC documentary 'These Young People: A question of loyalty',[2] expressing some rather trenchant views on the role of government and the place of business in society.

Ritchie was an aide of Enoch Powell, editing two books of his speeches: A Nation or No Nation (editor R. Ritchie) (1978); Enoch Powell on 1992 (editor Richard Ritchie) (1989)[3]

In 2009 the Financial Times listed Ritchie in their compilation of 'people employed by Lords who also work for lobbyists, public relations firms, companies or trade organisations.' He was noted as working for Lord Kimball[4]

Views on Portillo

According to the Telegraph:

Richard Ritchie, an oil executive with BP, met Portillo when he came down from Cambridge. "I was working for Enoch Powell as an archivist. We all went to the opera together. Enoch would say vote for Portillo. He was amused to discover someone almost as ambitious as he was. Michael hasn't changed fundamentally over the years."[5]



  • Oiling the political engine By Tobias Buck, David Buchan, Krishna Guha and Sheila McNulty, site, Aug 01, 2002 (mentions Ritchie)


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