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RES is a one of the biggest international Renewables companies, specialising in wind. It owns wind farms and other large scale renewables worldwide, and is the main developer for the UK. They are also involved in sustainable building design under subsidiary company Inbuilt.

"RES is part of the Sir Robert McAlpine group, a British family-owned firm with over 100 years’ experience in construction and engineering. Renewable Energy Systems Holdings Limited is a subsidiary of Sir Robert McAlpine Enterprises Limited, and has three primary direct subsidiaries:

  • 1.Renewable Energy Systems Limited (our main operating company in relation to wind assets);
  • 2.RES Enterprises Limited (a relatively new division which is committed to building integrated renewable energy technologies for the industrial, public and commercial sectors); and
  • 3.Inbuilt Limited (a relatively new division which is committed to providing technical and consulting excellence in sustainable built environments)."


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