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Rene Louis Costa is an associate with Ecoconsult Inc. – a neoliberal think tank based in Montreal, Canada that performs consultancy work for various supranational institutions and transnational agencies and actors. Costa has over 44 years of experience initiating and facilitating investment projects in both the First and Third World. He is extremely well connected with political and corporate elites throughout the world.

Ecoconsult Inc. offers water-related services including: services in multi-disciplinary project management; strategic analysis and development planning; policy analysis, policy and institutional reform; project financing, capital flows, trade agreements; socioeconomic and environmental impact studies; post evaluation of programs and projects; development of indicators and monitoring systems; and visioning and scenario development.[1]

Costa spent many years advising the World Bank and spent 26 years working with the Bank in Washington in various capacities. His various positions with the World Bank include International Management and Financial Expert (Congo), Deputy Project Director (Congo, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Maghreb), International Management & Financial Consultant (Algeria, Uzbekistan, Washington), Assistant Director Urban Development (Washington), Division Chief Water Supply Division (Latin America), Deputy Division Chief Water Supply and Sewerage Division (Latin America) and Project Officer and Financial Analyst (LAC).[2]

Costa has extensive private sector experience consulting for numerous firms from corporations all over the world working on projects that reach all corners of the globe. Between 1961 and 1970 he worked for various firms as a Corporate Financial Manager. [3]


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