Relaunching the Transatlantic Partnership

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Relaunching the Transatlantic Partnership: Common Goals and Shared Values was an Atlanticist conference held at the Aldrovandi Palace Hotel in Rome from 2-4 October 2003.[1] It was organised by the Aspen Institute Italia and John O'Sullivan's New Atlantic Initiative under the auspices of The Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy and co-sponsored by The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NATO Public Diplomacy Division and The American Embassy in Rome.


The speakers were: Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute; Beppe Severgnini, Columnist, “Corriere della Sera”, Milan; Carlo Scognamiglio, Chairman, Aspen Institute Italia; Professor Guido Carli, LUISS , Rome; Christopher DeMuth, President, American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC; Jim Nicholson, US Ambassador to the Holy See, Michael Novak, , American Enterprise Institute; Josef Joffe, Editor, “Die Zeit“; Richard N. Perle, American Enterprise Institute; Enrico Letta, Member of the Italian Parliament; John Bruton, Vice-President, European People's Party; Javier Solana Madariaga, High Representative for CFSP, European Union - Council of Ministers, Brussels; Danielle Pletka, Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute, Emma Bonino, Member of the European Parliament, Brussels; Michael Ledeen, Resident Scholar in the Freedom Chair, American Enterprise Institute; Melvin F. Sembler, US Ambassador to Italy; Gianfranco Fini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy; Ana Palacio Vallelersundi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madrid; John O’Sullivan, Editor, “The National Interest”; Carl Bildt, Former UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Balkans, United Nations, Geneva; Karsten D. Voigt, Coordinator for German American Relations, Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin; John R. Bolton, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, US Department of State; Franco Frattini, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rome; Lucio Stanca, Minister for Innovation and Technology; Vice Chairman, Aspen Institute Italia, Rome; Ralf Dahrendorf, Member of the House of Lords; Kevin A. Hassett, Resident Scholar, Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute; Daniel Gros, Director, Centre for European Policy Studies; Bruce Kovner, Chairman, Caxton Associates, New York; Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Director for International Financial Relations, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Rome; Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, Deputy Secretary General, NATO, Brussels; Gary Schmitt, Executive Director, Project for the New American Century; James F. Dobbins, Director, Center for International Security and Defense Policy, RAND Corporation; Roberto Testore, Managing Director and Director General, Finmeccanica, Rome; Simon Webb, Policy Director, Ministry of Defence, London; Radek Sikorski, Executive Director, New Atlantic Initiative; Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute.[2]


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