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The Elcano Royal Institute is a private entity, independent of both the public administration and the companies which provide most of its funding. It was established, under the honorary presidency of HRH the Prince of Asturias, on 27 December 2001 for the purpose of conducting an exhaustive study of the interests of Spain and of Spanish people in international affairs and to place its findings before the public at large.
From its inception the Elcano considers itself a non-partisan -but not neutral- institution that seeks to promote the values by which it was inspired and which, by means of multidisciplinary analysis of existing and, especially, forward developments, aims to establish a global strategy resulting in political proposals having a practical application.
The public activities of the Institute began on 12 February 2002 with a talk given in the Casa de América by Michael H. Armacost, president of the Brookings Institution.[1]


Board of trustees

Honour Chairman :H.R.H. The Prince of Asturias

Gustavo Suárez Pertierra Chairman

Antonio de Oyarzábal Vice-Chairman

Felipe González Former Prime Minister

Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo Former Prime Minister

Eduardo Serra Rexach Former Chairman of Elcano Royal Institute

Marcelino Oreja Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former EU Commissioner

Juan José Linz Sterling Professor of Political and Social Sciences Yale University

Gabriel Elorriaga Pisarik Partido Popular (PP)

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa Former Director of Elcano Royal Institute

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE José Antonio Alonso (Minister)



MINISTRY OF CULTURE César Antonio Molina (Minister)

ATLANTIC COPPER Javier Targhetta (President & COO)

BBVA Francisco González Rodríguez (Chairman & CEO)

CEPSA Carlos Pérez de Bricio (Chairman & CEO)

EADS-CASA Carlos Suárez Pérez (Chairman & CEO)

ENAGAS Antonio Llardén Carratalá (Chairman)

ENDESA José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq (Chairman)

IBM ESPAÑA Amparo Moraleda (President)

IBERDROLA Ignacio S. Galán (Chairman & CEO)

INDRA Francisco Javier Monzón (Chairman)

LA CAIXA Isidre Fainé Casas (President)

RENFE José Salgueiro Carmona (Chairman)

REPSOL Antonio Brufau (Chairman & CEO)

SANTANDER Emilio Botín (Chairman)

SGAE Eduardo Bautista García (Chairman)

TECNALIA José María Echarri Campo (President)

TELEFÓNICA César Alierta (Excecutive Chairman)

Carlos López Blanco (Secretary of the Board of Trustees)

Business Advisory Council

Executive Board

Gustavo Suárez Pertierra Chairman | Antonio de Oyarzábal Vice-Chairman | Gil Carlos Rodríguez Iglesias Director | Gabriel Elorriaga Pisarik Excecutive Secretary of Communication Partido Popular (PP) | MINISTRY OF DEFENCE José Sanroma Aldea (Representantive) | MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND COOPERATION Bernardino León Gross (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs) | MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, TOURISM AND TRADE Alfredo Bonet Baiget (Secretary General for Foreign Trade) | MINISTRY OF CULTURE María Dolores Carrión Martín (Sub-secretariat of Culture) | Atlantic Copper Macarena Gutiérrez (Economic and Financial Excecutive Director) | BBVA Fernando Gutiérrez Junquera (Chairman's Office)

CEPSA José María Marín Quemada (Representative of CEPSA. Member of the Governing Council of the Banco de España)

EADS-CASA Emiliano Mata Verdejo (Director of Institutional Realtions )

ENAGAS Luis Calderón Castro (Communication Manager)

ENDESA Pío Cabanillas Alonso (Director General of Communication)

IBM ESPAÑA Juan Antonio Zufiría Zataraín (General Manager. Service Product Group. IBM Global Services)

IBERDROLA Fernando Becker (Chief Human Resources and Services Officer)

INDRA Emma Fernández Alonso (Talent, Innovation and Strategy Corporate Vice-President)

LA CAIXA Jordi Gual Solé (Assistant General Director. Research Department and Economic Analysis Office)

RENFE Natalia Garzón Pacheco (General Director of Planning and Finances) | Repsol Jaumé Giró (GMD of Communication and Head of Chairman's Office) | Santander José Juan Ruiz (Deputy General Manager. Strategy and Analysis Area. America Division) | SGAE Carlos Fernández-Lerga Garralda (Secretary General) | INASMET - TECNALIA José Manuel Giral Mañas (CEO) | Telefónica Francisco de Bergia (General Manager fro External Relations and Sponsorship) | Carlos López Blanco (Secretary of the Board of Trustees) | Antonio Sánchez Montero (Vice-Secretary of the Board of Trustees)[2]



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