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Sir Ray Stanley Tindle (born 8 October 1926) is a British local newspaper proprietor. He has been Chairman of Tindle Newspapers Ltd since 1972 and Tindle Radio Ltd since 1998. [1]

The Guardian writes that 'Tindle and his lieutenants' represent 'two centuries of government-free, government-fighting journalism'. [2] The reality however is somewhat at odds with this description. George Monbiot notes that when the Iraq war began, Tindle ordered his editors "to ensure that nothing appears in your newspapers which attacks the decision to conduct the war". His letter was reproduced in the Totnes Times, with the following comments. "In a brave move, which could easily be seen by some as censoring the news, Sir Ray ordered that once war in Iraq was declared his newspapers would not carry any more anti-war stories... As editorial manager of eight of Sir Ray's titles, I am proud to say I totally agree with his decision." [3]


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