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Raj Kumar Bagri, Baron Bagri, was one of the UK's successful Asian businessman who renounced his House of Lords peerage in 2010 to protect his "non-dom" tax status and avoid paying resident taxes. He is a metals magnate and former Chairman of the London Metal Exchange. He was awarded the CBE in 1995. Raj Kumar Bagri is the father of Apurv Bagri, managing director of Metdist.

Metals magnate

LME Chairman and potential windfall

Bagri was Chairman of the London Metal Exchange until 2002, though he retains a 9.4% stake of LME through his Metdist Ltd and Metdist Trading Ltd holdings.[1]

The sale of the LME in 2012 is expected to land Bagri with a windfall earning of £90million.[2]

Mining assets

Bagri hold multiple major metals assets, though they tend to keep a low public profile. These include: Metdist | Minmetco

A billionaire lord who refused to pay taxes

Bagri renounced his House of Lords peerage in 2010 to escape paying resident taxes, having been a Conservative Peer from 1997 onwards. Bagri retains his title.[3]

His former Regent's Park home, acquired for £5.9m in 1994 and redesigned by Quinlan Terry, fetched £120m on sale in November 2011 — making it the most expensive single property ever sold in the UK.[4]



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