Raffaello Pantucci

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Mr Pantucci is a Research Associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He graduated from the University of Manchester in 2003 where he indulged in a BA in literature. He subsequently went to work in Washington at the Center for Strategic and International Studies where he served first as Research Assistant to the Executive Vice President and then as a Research Associate in the Europe Program, concentrating on transatlantic and European political and military affairs. While at CSIS he worked and contributed to a number of reports including “Test of Will, Tests of Efficacy” (May 2005, CSIS Press: Washington DC) and “Trusted Partners: Technology Transfers in the U.S.-UK Defense Relationship” (May 2006, CSIS Press: Washington DC).
He is an occasional contributor to a number of newspapers and online magazines including the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, In The National Interest, Washington Times, European Voice, Examiner, and www.campusprogress.org. He is currently also working on an MA in War Studies at King’s College in London.[1]