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Rachel Clutterbuck is a project manager at J. Walter Thompson and the niece of Scottish National Party MP George Kerevan.


During her final year at university, Clutterbuck worked as an assistant director and co-project manager at The Offshoots Theatre Company. Clutterbuck then worked as a runner a number of media companies, including One Big Mop Productions, Wall to Wall Media and Talkback Thames.

In 2011, Clutterbuck began working for Esprit Holidays Ltd as a Les Arcs resort representative, and the following year as a chalet housekeeping manager.

In 2013 she joined Playgroup as an account executive and since September 2013 has been a project manager at J. Walter Thompson.[1] Clutterbuck's job was declared on George Kerevan's Register of Members' Financial Interests due her being 'engaged in lobbying the public sector on behalf of a third party or client'.[2]

Since 2008, Clutterbuck has been in the Army Reserves, as an office cadet and lieutenant.[1]


BA, Theatre Studies, Lancaster University, 2008 – 2011[1]


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