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The European branch of the Rand Corporation

RAND Europe Boards

RAND Europe Board of Directors

RAND Europe Advisory Board

RAND Europe Board of Trustees (UK)

  • James A. Thomson (Chairman), President and CEO, RAND Corporation, United States
  • Sir John Boyd Retired Master, Churchill College Cambridge University United Kingdom
  • Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman Professor of War Studies and Vice Principal (Research) King's College London United Kingdom
  • Jonathan Grant President, RAND Europe, United Kingdom
  • Philip Lader Chairman, The WPP Group, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James, United Kingdom
  • Lord Renwick of Clifton, Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, JP Morgan Europe, United Kingdom [1]



Peter Burge Research Leader | Jonathan Cave Senior Research Fellow | Lindsay Clutterbuck Research Leader | Andrew Daly Senior Research Leader (Cambridge and Leiden offices); Visiting Professor, Institute for Transport Studies, Leeds University; Software developer, HCG Software


James Fox Senior Analyst | Jonathan Grant President | Michael Hallsworth Associate Analyst | Greg Hannah Senior Analyst | Evi Hatziandreu Director, Health and Healthcare | Stijn Hoorens Senior Analyst


Ruth Levitt Research Leader | Tom Ling Director, Evaluation and Audit; Professor of Public Policy, Anglia Ruskin University


Chris Marsden Senior Analyst| Edward Nason Analyst | Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau Head of Information Policy & Economics | Hans Pung Director, Defence and Security | Samir Puri Associate Analyst


Lila Rabinovich Associate Analyst | Andrew Rathmell Consultant to RAND Europe | Neil Robinson Analyst | Charlene Rohr Director, Modelling | Jennifer Rubin Senior Analyst and Head, Emerging Areas | Amanda Scoggins Analyst | Miriam Shergold Analyst | Aruna Sivakumar Analyst | Christian van Stolk Senior Analyst | Jan Tiessen Associate Analyst | Flavia Tsang Analyst | Kai Wegrich Senior Analyst | Steven Wooding Team Leader, Science and Technology[2]


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