Prevent Strategy - Local Delivery Best Practice Catalogue

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Prevent Strategy - Local Delivery Best Practice Catalogue is an official document discovered by Powerbase in 2016 and produced by the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism in the UK Home Office. Dated March 2015, the forty six page document provides details of a number of organisations in receipt of Prevent funding which had been previously unknown. The most controversial elements of the document - labelled 'not for public disclosure' refer to four projects, part of the so called 'national counter narrative', which appear to acknowledge that each was part of a British government covert propaganda strategy. Each of the projects claim to be independent 'grass roots' groupings tackling extremism, however, this document appears to show that each is a 'RICU product', in a reference to the Home Office strategic communications agency the Research Information and Communication Unit.

The four projects are Faith on the Frontline, FAST (also known as Families Against Stress and Trauma), MakingAStand (a campaign launched by an organisation called Inspire) and A Tale of Two Cities. Each of these projects involved covert direction and funding from RICU and its communications agency Breakthrough Media Limited.

Organisations and individuals mentioned in the document

Objective 1 - Ideology

1. National Counter- Narrative (RICU products) - 'not for public disclosure'

2. Local Counter-Narrative

Objective 2 - People



Young people

Objective 3 - Sectors and Institutions

1. Schools/ education


3. Faith