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Premier Prison Services was a joint venture between Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (part of The Wackenhut Corporation) and Serco Plc.[1]

In May 2002, The Wackenhut Corporation was acquired by Group 4 Falck. Through this acquisition, Group 4 got a 57% stake in Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC), and took over WCC's 50% stake in Premier Prisons.

This meant Premier Prisons was jointly owned by Group 4 and Serco, until Serco won the right to full ownership of Premier in a legal dispute.

(In 2003, WCC re-bought the 57% of the company that Group 4 had acquired, and changed its name to the Geo Group Inc.)

Premier Detention Services ran Dungavel IRC from 2001 to 2006, and Colnbrook IRC, which opened in August 2004.[2]


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