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Phorm is a US-based internet advertising company which has partnered with several ISPs to analyze ISP usage, create user profiles, and with this generate targeted advertising. In the UK Phorm has partnered with BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk to enhance their revenue from advertising, or as anti-Phorm activists report: "sell your private browsing history to an advertising broker". Questions arise about how intrusive Phorm's technology is and the safeguards placed on its database.[1]


Opponents to Phorm and similar technologies campaign for laws guaranteeing internet use privacy and one campaigning group is


Board of Directors
David Dorman Kent Ertugrul Steven J. Heyer
Christopher Lawrence Virasb Vahidi
Executive Team
Kent Ertugrul, Chairman & CEO Formerly Virasb Vahidi, COO Greg Meyer, VP Global Product Development
Formerly Stratis Scleparis, Chief Technical Officer Hugo Drayton, Chief Executive Officer, UK Lynne Millar, Chief Financial Officer
David Pester, General Counsel Karen Arutyunov, VP Software Development Marc Burgess, VP Technology
Formerly Dave Gwozdz, VP Publisher and Affiliate Partnerships Chris Hogan, VP Advertising and Brand Partnerships Linda Muir, VP HR and People Development
Anton Roslov, Chief Architect Marc Rothschild, VP Strategic Alliances Formerly David Sawday, Director of Corporate Communications, UK
About Us, (Accessed 14 April 2008)

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  1. Claire Beale, They know where you browse, but is online spying the way forward?, Independent: Media, 14 April 2008.