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Phoenix CP or Phoenix Close Protection to give it its full title was a Hereford based security firm created by two former members of 22 SAS, Michael Clifford and James Devenney. In 2005 along with co-owner Suzanne Clifford, the pair sold Phoenix for £4.25m to mercenary firm ArmorGroup which was attempting 'to diversify its revenue streams outside of its operations in Iraq'.[1]

According to its own website in 2004 Phoenix personnel had backgrounds in 'RMP and the Police Royalty and Diplomatic Protection'.[2] In 2005 this information was changed to note 'backgrounds in 22-SAS and 14 Intelligence', two of the most secretive and controversial units of the British Army.[3]


A Phoenix information pack gives the following details about its personnel:

  • MC: Served 19 years in 22 SAS. Held all key appointments and was one of the youngest RSM’s of the Regiment. Deployed/Commanded at all levels on some of the most complex and challenging tasks undertaken by Special Forces. For many years he was at the forefront of selecting and training of Officers and soldiers within the SAS. Awarded the OBE and commissioned to Captain.
  • AP: Search and improvised Explosive Device (IED) expert, who has vast military and commercial experience. Since 1997 has been a specialist trainer and consultant in protective and anti-terrorist security. Council Member of the Institute of Munitions Clearance Engineers and a Member of the Institute of Conflict Management.
  • TB: 7th Dan Black Belt and former Karate World Champion. Has been teaching martial arts in Hereford since 1976. Runs his own Martial Arts Centre and delivers specialist unarmed combat/defensive training to military and commercial organisations.
  • CD: A highly immediate care practitioner, ex-chief instructor 22 SAS medical cell who specialised in training UK Special Forces and Government agencies in pre-hospital care
  • JD: Served 24 years with the British Special Forces, principally as a covert intelligence and surveillance operator and instructor. Also spent 4 years as an instructor in the VIP Protection Cell of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing, 22 SAS. JD has the distinction of being one of a few women since the Second World War to be decorated for gallantry.
  • CL: During 16 years service with 22 SAS, leaving with the rank of warrant officer. CL developed various skills in hostile environments and operational theatres. Since leaving the armed forces has worked extensively with a classified government agency and more recently in support of media organisations in Iraq. CL has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial security sector.[4]


Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers, member | Security Industry Authority, member |



Phoenix CP Limited,
Athelstan Hall,
76, Aylestone Hill,
Hereford, U.K.
HR1 1HX[5]


Phoenix C.P Ltd, Longworth Hall, Lugwardine, HR1 4DF
Telephone: 01432 850223 Fax: 01432 850092



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