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Philip Thomas


Thomas is Professor of Engineering Development at City University. Before joining the University in 2000, Thomas had 25 years' experience working in the chemical and nuclear industries, including working for the UKAEA. [1]

Pro-nuke links

He is a member of the Academic Board of the Royal Navy's Department of Nuclear Science and Technology and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the British Nuclear Energy Society. He is chairman of the Nuclear Academia-Industry Liaison Society (NAILS), the body that promotes the interchange of information between universities and the nuclear industry in the UK.

Spinning the case for nuclear

Thomas was a speaker at the Scientific Alliance and Nuclear Industry Association's conference in June 2005, entitled: "The Challenge for Nuclear: The policy, the science and the need for public engagement". [2] He was identified as an independent scientist from City University. But how independent is he? He is also one of the recipients of an email from Belinda Yates, from BNFL's corporate affairs along with, amongst others, energy consultant Lisa Woolhouse, Simon James, Miranda Kirschel, Ruth Stanway and Keith Parker from the Nuclear Industry Association, and Philip Dewhurst, Sue Ion, Richard Mayson, and Adrian Bull from BNFL, entitled: "Media Training Workshop 2"

The email, dated 2 June 05 stated:

"Dear All
You have been nominated to attend an upcoming one day media training session with Weber Shandwick ... This media training will following [sic] on from the last training session held in March this year. However there will only be the 10 of you participating in this workshop and therefore it will be a more 'hands on', intensive day with each of you partaking in television and radio interviews."

There is no evidence that Thomas attended, but why was BNFL offering him media training?[3] According to Belinda Yates, though, BNFL can confirm that there was 'internal' media training earlier in 2005, but could not confirm whether "external" media training took place when Thomas was present.[4] We have approached Thomas to confirm whether he attended, but have had no reply.