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Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and CIA officer and columnist for Philip Giraldi spent three years in Turkey with the CIA.[1]

Beckett Brown International

Giraldi is a former employee of Beckett Brown International, a private security firm that operated between 1995 and 2001.

According to Giraldi, there was not a lot of work for him and Cannistraro. "We would go to a company like Enron and see if they had any issues if they were looking to acquire a company," he recalled. "See if the [company to be acquired] is connected to the Russia mob. That's what we were selling. We were not very successful." Giraldi left the firm in 1999. By then, he had become aware of the firm's more unconventional activities: "Scooping garbage, trying to get penetrations of companies and environmental groups. I didn't know a lot of the details." But, he says, he knew BBI was "working on Greenpeace."[2]

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