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Peter Leng was a British Army General.

Northern Ireland

He served as Commander Land Forces (Northern Ireland) from 9 April 1973[1] to 14 April 1975.[2]

Clockwork Orange

Paul Foot reports that Leng approved the Army's involvement in the psychological operation codenamed Clockwork Orange early in 1974. The senior army intelligence officer at Lisburn, Col. Peter Goss, was instructed to pass intelligence to Colin Wallace which could be used to create disinformation about paramilitary leaders.[3]

Mark Urban writes that journalist Barrie Penrose "tape-recorded a conversation with Peter Leng, Commander Land Forces in the mid 1970s, which indicated that, as Wallace claimed and contrary to the position of the government in various inquiries on the matter, the Army had had knowledge of homosexual abuse of youths at the Kincora boys' home".[4]


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