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The logo of Pegida Norge

Pegida Norge is the Norwegian version of the anti-Islam movement PEGIDA which orginated in Dresden, Germany.

A facebook group for Norway called Pegida Norge was set up on 27 December 2014. It's tag line reads: 'PEGIDA is a protest movement with a humanistic basis demonstrating against Muslim immigration and the influence of Islam' ('PEGIDA er en protestbevegelse som på humanistisk grunnlag demonstrerer mot muslimsk innvandring og påvirkningen fra islam'). The administrators of the page also promoted a Scandinavia-wide Pegida page.

According to a list of European demonstrations online, Pegida Norway was reportedly planning to demonstrate on Monday 12 January 2015.[1] This was also reported by the BBC.[2]

When it took place, just under 200 people reportedly attended[3] but the following Monday (19 January 2015) only 70 people showed up while an estimated 200 attended a counter-demontration, reportedly carrying banners with slogans like 'No support for Breivik's prayers'.[4]

Organiser Max Hermansen, 54, claimed to have been in contact with potential Pegida organizers in other Norwegian towns and cities including Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Tønsberg and Lillehammer.[3]



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