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Pegida Österreich, Source: Pegida Austria

Pegida Österreich is the Austrian version of the anti-immigration, anti-Islam PEGIDA movement which began in Dresden, Germany.


Pegida Österreich held a demonstration in the Austrian capital Vienna on 2 February 2015 that drew just 200 people and reportedly 5,000 counter-protesters. Deutshe Welle notes that before the PEGIDA march swastikas had been graffitied on a Vienna mosque. In December, a pig's head had been left outside a different mosque in the capital.[1]

The Local reports that some supporters were seen performing Nazi salutes and that spokesperson Immanuel Nagel, who soon resigned his position, had written articles that reportedly 'incited hatred against foreigners'.[2]

A second march was reportedly planned in Linz, northern Austria, for 8 February 2015.[2] This took place but attracted only an estimated 150 people and was dwarfed by a counter-protest of around 2,000 anti-racism demonstrators.[3]

Another Pegida protest held on 22 March 2015 in Bregenz/Vorarlberg reportedly attracted just 70 people.[4]



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