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Paul Moran (d. 2003) was an Australian freelance journalist and member of the PR firm Rendon Group who was used as a conduit for Iraqi National Congress (INC) propaganda. He became the first journalist to die in the Iraq war, which he had helped sell.

According to Bamford:

Moran had lived a double life, filing reports for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and other news organizations, while at other times operating as a clandestine agent for Rendon, enjoying what his family calls his "James Bond lifestyle." Moran had trained Iraqi opposition forces in photographic espionage, showing them how to covertly document Iraqi military activities, and had produced pro-war announcements for the Pentagon. "He worked for the Rendon Group in London," says his mother, Kathleen. "They just send people all over the world -- where there are wars."

A memorial service for Moran organised by the Rendon Group was attended by Judith Miller, John Rendon and Zaab Sethna of the INC - his co-conspirators in selling the war.


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