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Patton Boggs describes itself as having 'a reputation for cutting-edge advocacy by working closely with Congress and regulatory agencies in Washington, litigating in courts across the country, and negotiating business transactions around the world'[1].


Patton Boggs was established in 1962 as an international law firm concentrating in global business and trade. It then evolved into a 'a full-service firm with a national presence in every major area of legal representation', whilst retaining a strong focus on international and trade law.[2].

2015 Nigerian elections

In November 2013 Patton Boggs signed a US $3million contract with Nigeria's national security adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki. According to the letter of confirmation of the role sent by Patton Boggs to Dasuki, 'J. Gordon Arbuckle and Colonel John G Garrett will be responsible for supervising and conducting the work done on behalf of your [Dasuki] office'.[3][4]



Past clients

China Chamber of Commerce - Metals & Minerals * China



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