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One Family UK(Charity number: 1123328) was the London-based branch of One Family in Israel. It was registered as a charity on 27 March 2008; and removed from registration (ceased to exist) on 01 October 2021. 2011

One Family is an organisation in 'Israel' that works directly with the Israeli government to support Israeli victims of Palestinian ‘terror’. According to the One Family UK website, ‘Since 2001 One Family has distributed more than $12.2 million to over 2,200 victims and families of victims.’[1] The US branch contextualises ‘terror’ as a Palestinian activity against Israelis, including rock throwing and street violence, making no mention of acts of terror by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in Israel, commonly referred to as ‘Price Tag’ attacks.[2]

The website also noted: ‘One Family UK raises around £750,000 each year, it organises three respite trips a year for 60 young people that have been affected by terror attacks, and organises trips and missions to Israel for UK donors.’[3] One Family UK was also planning to arrange a trip for visitors to Israel in November 2014 under the name ‘One Family IDF Experience’, where participants would ‘see how the IDF operates close up’ by spending ‘24 hours on the Gaza border’ while being ‘part of the base, watching movements inside Gaza, waking up with soldiers’ and then, later on, learning ‘how to use live ammunition and how to take over a house without getting injured or killed.’[4]

One Family UK co-sponsored the event at the House of Commons on 19 November 2014 with the Henry Jackson Society featuring Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader who later became an Israeli spy.[5] Yousef caused controversy the following January for saying that ‘Islam is greatest threat to humanity’ during an interview with the HJS’s Executive Director Alan Mendoza.[6] According to The Telegraph, Yousef also denounces Palestinian state-building as nothing more than a ‘fantasy’.[7]

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