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Ogilvy Government Relations is a Washington-based lobbying firm. It was established in 2005 and is part of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide which in turn is part of the WPP Group.


Their website claims to 'offer clients a complete battery of public affairs and communications disciplines to further strengthen their voice in Washington'. They go on to add that 'it is vital to have representatives in the Nation’s Capital who can help clients both reduce the risk to their organizations and manage legislation and regulation in an opportune manner'[1].

In order to acheive their objectives, Ogilvy Government Relations concentrates on four key disciplines which are[2]...

  • Legislative and Executive Advocacy
'Through long-established professional relationships on Capitol Hill and in the Executive branch, Ogilvy Government Relations is able to precisely identify and reach out to the appropriate offices and individuals to express a client’s viewpoint on pressing legislative or regulatory matters'.
  • Image and Relationship Building
'By continually communicating the value a corporation or institution provides to the public at large, Ogilvy Government Relations helps build a reservoir of goodwill and respect for clients throughout the federal government'.
  • Crisis Management
  • Grassroots Outreach





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