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The Office of Information Activities (OIA) replaced the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) at the US Department of Defense(DoD) following the OSI's abolition in February 2002.[1]

Lieutenant Colonel Susan L. Gough gives the following account based on interviews with DoD staffers Thomas Timmes, Michael Furlong and Daniel Devlin for a U.S. Army War College study:

All that remains in OSD for strategic influence is a small Office of Information Activities (OIA) buried within ASD SOLIC. OIA has retained responsibility for policy oversight of military psychological operations activities. It also provides the OSD representative to the CTIS PCC. OIA hopes to implement a few of the actions recommended by OSI, but with few resources, few personnel, and little authority, its effectiveness is doubtful. Additionally, OIA is maintaining a low profile, due to fears that whoever sabotaged OSI will also sabotage OIA.[2]


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