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Nick Leslau is the chairman of Prestbury Investment Holdings Limited


Leslau has previously worked been the CEO of Burford Group; the owner of Chartsearch; and founder of Maybeat Limited, investment vehicle Edenhawk and Max Property Group. A number of his businesses have merged with Prestbury Group plc, Knutsford plc and Blackstone.[1][2][3]

He is currently the chairman of Prestbury Investment Holdings Limited, who have a £4 billion property portfolio, including four of the UK's largest entertainment complexes Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle and Madame Tussauds.[1][2][4]

Letter to the Telegraph

On 1 April 2015 Leslau was one of 103 business leaders who wrote to the Telegraph praising the British Conservative Party's economic policies and claiming a Labour government would 'threaten jobs and deter investment' in the UK.[5]

Political donations

Recorded by the Electoral Commission:[6]

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
13/11/2009 Nick Leslau £12,500.00 The Rt Hon William Hague MP
10/08/2011 Nick Leslau £2,000.00 Mr Michael Gove MP
24/01/2012 Nicholas Leslau £10,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party


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