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Nicholas Finney veteran corporate activist and lobbyist and trustee of the Institute for Policy Research a funder of the Conservative movement

Nicholas Finney is a trustee (between at least 2005 and 2011) of the Institute for Policy Research a British registered charity which serves as a vehicle for funding Conservative movement think tanks. He established The Waterfront Partnership (renamed Waterfront Public Affairs in 2007) and the Waterfront Conference Company in 1990 following a career in the ports industry. Both businesses were sold to Freshwater-UK in 2007.[1] Until 1990 Finney was Director General of The British Ports Federation (BPF) and the National Association of Port Employers (NAPE) and led the campaign for the abolition of the Dock Labour Scheme and for the privatisation of the Public Trust port authorities. He was a member of the UK’s Competition Commission (formerly the Monopolies and Mergers Commission) from 1993 to 1999.[1]


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