Nationwide Festival of Light

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John Capon's book, And There Was Light: The Story of the Nationwide Festival of Light (London, Lutterworth, 1972), showing Cliff Richard lighting the Sheffield 'beacon' in 1971

The Nationwide Festival of Light was established in 1971. According to the political scientist Martin Durham it emerged in the 1970s as ‘an evangelical campaigning organisation opposed to homosexuality, abortion and other manifestations of what was seen as the nation’s falling away from God’.[1]In 1983, according to CARE itself, 'the Executive Committee took the decision to change the name of NFOL to CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)'[2].


John Biggs-Davison | Arthur Blessit | Dora Bryan | Bob Danvers-Walker | Colonel Orde Dobbie (a Social Services administrator) | Nigel Goodwin | Janet Hill | Peter Hill | Trevor Huddleston | David Kossoff | Gordon Landreth (general secretary of the Evangelical Alliance) | Lord Longford | Malcolm Muggeridge | Cliff Richard | Steve Stevens | Eddy Stride | Mary Whitehouse



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