National Terrorism Preparedness Institute

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National Terrorism Preparedness Institute (NTPI) ) opened in May 1998 as a result of the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Act, commonly known as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Act. Significantly, NTPI is one of the few pre-9/11 institutions of its kind.
NTPI provides extensive support to our Nation’s War on Terror. This support includes monthly nationwide, satellite television broadcasts on important training topics for emergency managers and responders; traditional classroom instruction; training support packages that include student and instructor guides, video, CD, DVD, and VHS products; mobile training teams; and web- and computer-based training products.[1]


Administrative Staff Assistant 727-341-4100

Miguel Rivera Assistant Director - Research & Development 727-341-4121 Fred Ragsdale Program Director Florida Regional Community Policing Institute 727-341-4111 Ian Call Project Manager 727-341-4115 Bill Grey Program Director, Cyber Security 727-341-4501 Dan Fazzini, PMP® Project Manager 727-341-4117 Michele Ennis Office Manager 727-341-4101 L. Patrice Maxudov, PhD Project Manager 727-341-4132 Ruth Bell Accountant, Purchasing 727-341-4104 Greg Mittelman Project Coordinator II 727-341-4113 Lillian Callihan Accountant, Grants 727-341-4147

Jane Jeffries Project Coordinator II 727-341-4118 Fabiola Castillo Administrative Services 727-341-4493 Kate Michaelson Project Coordinator II 727-341-4441

Julia Fernandez Staff Assistant 727-341-4110 Carol Jeffers Curriculum Development Specialist 727-341-4112 Bruce Biefeld, RN Project Coordinator II 727-341-4119 Chris Littlewood Curriculum Designer 727-341-4109 Mara McFadden, PhD Curriculum Development Specialist 727-341-4127

Jennifer Drooger Curriculum Designer 727-341-4123

Kay Stimer Project Technologist 727-341-4139 Charlie Hall Director of Video Services 727-341-4131 Patrick Meegan Videographer 727-341-4133 Gene Barrs Studio Supervisor 727-341-4136 727-552-1529 Chris Swift Project Technologist 727-341-4122 Doug Long Producer 727-341-4116 Steve Veloff Project Technologist Graphics Designer 727-341-4105 Doug Brumbaugh Videographer 727-341-4137 Delayne Sorrells Project Technologist 727-341-4108

Matthew Landeen Videographer 727-341-4106 Joe Algarin Computer Support Specialist 727-341-4114 Jeremy Writt Production Assistant 727-341-4134 James Kolenda Producer 727-341-4135 Diana Ospina Staff Assistant, Video Services 727-341-4130 [2]