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According to its own account:

The Muslim Institute London, is the UK's well respected and oldest Muslim think-tank. The Institute was established in 1973 by a group of academics and activists to revive the tradition of scholarship in Muslim society. The group was headed by Dr. Kalim Siddiqui marhum. He, together with a small preparatory committee, organised seminars and courses to highlight the need to counter stagnation and produce problem-solving research in the fields of political and economic organization and social engineering... The Institute is now re-embarking to create a genuine forum of debate and discussion. The purpose of the Institute's website is to talk about the problems constructively and to celebrate whatever deserves to be celebrated. Our aspiration is to provide a balanced view of developments taking place around us. We propose to monitor active websites, blogs and printed material to give our users a more informed view of the world. We shall also highlight any progress Muslims themselves are making to make the world a plural, tolerant and equitable place to live in.[1]



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