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Mike Reynolds (30 May 1945) is managing director of business intelligence agency Hakluyt and a former head of station in Germany for MI6.

BP, Shell and Greenpeace

Amidst growing pressure from environmentalist group Greenpeace Hakluyt were hired by oil giants Shell and BP. They employed, German spy, Manfred Schlickenrieder to pose as a documentary maker in order to gain information on Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and The Body Shop. It is now well-known, that in 1997 Reynolds wrote an email to Schlickenrieder inquiring about the possible impact of suing Greenpeace for mounting campaigns such as the one halting the dumping of the Brent Spar oil tanker in the Atlantic Ocean, he asked the spy for information on whether Greenpeace was taking legal steps to protect its assets against seizure in the event it was sued by an oil company.[1]


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