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Mike Brady (Professor Sir Michael Brady) is Professor of Oncological Imaging in the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford. In 2010 he retired from the position of BP Professor of Information Engineering at Oxford and took up his current position. He is a fellow of Keble College. Brady founded the Robotics Laboratory and the Medical Vision Laboratory at the university. His Information Engineering chair was endowed by BP (£1.2M). [1] As well as his work at Oxford, Brady is involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities. Prior to coming to Oxford in 1985 he worked as Senior Research Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in the United States.

In 2003 he received a knighthood for services to Engineering.

Professor Brady is a Fellow of the Royal Society. He sits on several committees within the organisation.

Commercialisation of science

Professor Brady describes his two areas of work as part of his approach to science: “I have, for the past 20 years, been committed to the transfer of technology from the Laboratory to widespread use. In several cases, this has led me to start new companies, in others to work with or for them. I am amazed to find that I have already amassed 26 board years as a non-executive director of PLCs (companies listed on the London stock exchange), and a further 40 on the boards of start-ups.” [2]

Brady is a former Directorate member of FMIRB, a multi-disciplinary neuroimaging research facility at Oxford University founded in 1998 with funding from core grant support from the MRC and contributions from the Wolfson Foundation, Oxford Magnet Technology, Oxford University, Glaxo Wellcome and EPA Cephalosporin Fund. The facility was extended in 2003 with funding from SRIF, HEFCE, Royal Society, Wolfson Foundation, EPA Cephalosphorin Fund, JREI and the Department of Clinical Neurology. [3]

Science Media Centre

Professor Brady was a member of the science advisory board between 2002-2012. Common funders of the SMC and Professor Brady’s work or affiliations are: The Wellcome Trust, The Royal Society, GlaxoSmithKline and BP.

Business interests


Advisory roles

2005- present Consultant, Siemens Molecular Imaging, previously CTI, which bought Mirada Medical Ltd [10] Circa 2010-11 Technical advisor, London Technology Fund [11]

Professor Brady sits on the Advisory board of Syncona Partners. The company provides evergreen investment for technological medical healthcare development in the fields of biomedical research and medical humanities and is an independent subsidiary of the Wellcome Trust who invested the initial £200m capitalization. It was launched in January 2013 and had previously been known as Project Sigma. [12] Also on the board is Sir William Castell – who is Chairman of the Wellcome Trust and in 2012 retired from board of BP (latterly as senior independent director). Nigel Keen also sits on the advisory board. As well as Chairman of the board of Syncona, he is also listed as chairman of Oxford Instruments and Non-executive director of ISIS Innovation, both companies Professor Brady is involved in. Professor Brady is described on Syncona’s website as having “played a very active role in the commercialisation of science.” [12]

Affiliations, awards and publications


• The Investment Committee, which advises the Royal Society best to invest its endowment income. • The Scientific Relief Committee, which makes grants to scientists who are suffering hardship. • Member of the group that prepared the Report on Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare • Sectional Committee 4, which is responsible for proposing to Council those four or five persons annually whom it considers should be elected Fellows and whose scientific contributions are in the areas of Engineering, Materials, and Information Technology. [13] • Chair of the Publications Board of the Royal Society [14]


  • 2000 Faraday Medal
  • Third Millennium medal of the IEEE


Professor Brady is the author of over 500 research papers, 18 patents, author/editor of nine books, and member of the Editorial Boards of fourteen journals.


Brady has given a talk called ‘The commercial exploitation of scientific research” at the University of Wellington, New Zealand (2010), the Royal Academy of Engineering (2010), at a Healthcare Industry Network Lecture for industry partners in biomedical engineering (2011) [15]

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