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Michael Tscherny is a partner at GPlus Europe. He has over 20 years of experience in European affairs - as a journalist, an EU official, Spokesman at the Council of Ministers and Spokesman for European Competition Commissioner Mario Monti.[1]


His core expertise is in competition policy and the internal market. At GPlus he advises clients in the food industry, engineering, aviation and the services sector. With his in-depth knowledge of the EU’s decision-making process, including the workings of the inner machinery of the EU institutions, Michael provides strategic advice and direction to companies and industry associations, helping them to resolve complex cases in Brussels.

He worked from 1999 to 2002 as EU Competition Spokesman - one of the highest profile jobs in Brussels - spanning a period when mergers, cartels and other anti-trust cases, as well as the control of state subsidies, made headline news on a daily basis.

Before joining Monti’s inner team, he was Spokesman at the EU Council of Ministers. Over a period of five years, his responsibilities included the internal market and industrial policy, social affairs and the environment. Previously, Michael worked in the Commission's policy units dealing with consumer protection and enterprise policy.[2]


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