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MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd (MLI) is a company based in the UK specialising in research fraud and misconduct investigations. They are supported by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). They offer services to the pharmaceutical industry; are involved with teaching interview techniques to HR professionals; and operate a debugging service utilising the 'latest, sensitive equipment'.


MLI was established in July 1996, when Dr Frank Wells and former detective Peter Jay decided to take up the challenge of reducing fraud and misconduct in clinical research. They noted that there wasn't an official body to deal with the issue. In 1998, Jonathan Jay, formerly a sergeant in the Army Special Investigation Branch, joined the team. They have since investigated more than 80 studies: 27 doctors have faced disciplinary hearings at the General Medical Council (GMC), 26 were found guilty of Serious Professional Misconduct. They hhave industry support from medical royal colleges, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the GMC and the British Medical Association (BMA).

'The company has achieved recognition for its success in tackling research fraud. The ABPI Board of Management demonstrated its support by nominating Mike Wallace (a former vice-president of ABPI and now retired from MLI in 2007) and Dr Richard Tiner (ABPI Medical Director) to join the Board of MLI. Dr Jane Barrett joined MLI as the new consultant medical advisor and director on 1st April 2002.' [1]


MLI offer a 'confidential, cost-effective and reliable service' for professional organisations requiring special investigative expertise from experienced, qualified personnel with health sector/pharmaceutical industry experience.

Subscribing pharmaceutical clients receive:[2]

  • An initial free consultation providing recommendations related to suspected research misconduct
  • Reduced rate training courses
  • Free attendance at for-cause audits to assist in identifying fraud
  • A telephone advisory service to address immediate problems
  • A guarantee of availability of service for in-depth investigation for specific fraud cases up to the disciplinary hearing of the GMC proceedings
  • Advice on Standard Operating Procedures in relation to suspect data
  • A substantial discount on the normal hourly rates where the in-depth services of MLI are used

The health sector receives:[3]

  • In-house investigation service for NHS trusts, health authorities and universities in disciplinary matters, particularly where serious professional misconduct may have occurred
  • Witness (including patient) interviews without affecting data protection laws or confidentiality
  • Preparation of case papers for GMC submission
  • Confidential advice and investigation services where only 'reasonable suspicion' exists
  • Independent 'whistleblower' service to support internal system as appropriate



Address: PO Box 490
CB23 6XB
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1438 820000


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