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Meade Hall & Associates is a lobbying company set up in 2013 by former Conservative Party adviser Paddy Clanwilliam, aka the Earl of Clanwilliam and Paddy Gillford.

Its sole declared client as of August 2013 was the Embassy of Bahrain [1]




  • Embassy of Bahrain
  • Other foreign government clients have included Azerbaijan and Morocco [2]
  • European nuclear industry - UK Conservative MP Tim Yeo declared that he does outside consultancy work for Meade in this area : I advise on matters relating to the construction of new nuclear power stations in Europe. So far Meade have paid him: -Payment of £8,000 on 6 October 2014. Hours: 35 hrs. (Registered 14 October 2014) | Payment of £8,000 on 4 November 2014. Hours: 35 hrs. (Registered 8 December 2014) | Payment of £8,000 on 5 December 2014. Hours: 35 hrs. (Registered 8 December 2014) |Payment of £8,000 on 12 January 2015. Hours: 35 hrs. (Registered 20 January 2015)


Social media

  • Twitter account @London2Bahrain - no tweets yet)

Contact, Resources and Notes

Contact details

Address:1 Meade Mews, Causton Street, London SW1P 4EG
Phone: 020 7976 5555



  1. PRCA Public Affairs Register: Consultancies June to August 2013, pdf version, acc 23 October 2013
  2. The Strongman: Vladimir Putin and the struggle for Russia, by Angus Roxburgh (IB Taurius & Co, London 2012)