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According to Roy Godson, Dubinsky was instrumental in winning the American Federation of Labor's support for the Jewish Labor Committee in the mid-1930s:

Before America became involved in World War II, David Dubinsky and Matthew Woll had feared that if the democratic leadership of Eastern and Western Europe were destroyed by the Nazis, the Russians and the well-organized Communist underground might emerge from the ensuing political vacuum as the new rulers of the continent. With this in mind, Woll and Dubinsky enlisted the support of the AFL's president William Green and its secretary-treasurer George Meany in the Jewish Labor Committee's effort to rescue hundreds of democratic labor leaders, politicians, and intellectuals from the Nazis.[1]

As third vice-President of the American Federation of Labor in 1941, Matthew Woll held key positions in two British intelligence fronts, the American Labor Committee to Aid British Labor and the League for Human Rights. Thomas E. Mahl suggests he may have been a British intelligence contact.[2]




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