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Formerly Barclays (with Aims of Industry's Gerald Mobbs) which helped staff Blair's constituency office. Gordon Brown asked multimillionaire Taylor to drastically reform the benefit systems. Secretary of the Bilderberg Group conference,now chairman of WH Smith, he joined the IPPR and compiled their notorious Commission on PPPs which insisted there should be 'no ideological barriers to private sector involvement in "core" public services such as clinical and intermediate health care, the management of education and local government services.' [1]

Taylor is thought to be involved in setting up the PFI: launched in 1993, when Ministers and Treasury Officials fronted a CBI conference to 'explore changes in government policy', after Trafalgar House, Wimpy and big UK and US banks had secretly visited the Treasury earlier to abolish their 'Ryrie rules'. These had prevented private money going in to public projects stating that it could only be used in place of public spending and that all private sector proposals had to be cheaper than any public sector alternative. [2]


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