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Mark Rowley is the former Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations (ACSO) in the Metropolitan Police Service, a post in which he was responsible for UK Counter Terrorism policing.[1]

Rowley graduating from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, before beginning his policing career with West Midlands Police in 1987. He was Chief Constable of Surrey for four years.[1]

Rowley joined the MPS as an Assistant Commissioner in December 2011. He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in the same year.[1]

In June 2014, Rowley was appointed former Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations (ACSO) in the Metropolitan Police Service.[1]

Rowley was due to speak at the launch of the Henry Jackson Society report '"Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK' in March 2017, but did not ultimately attend.[2] Middle East Eye subsequently reported that Rowley had met with Hannah Stuart and Katie Parret of HJS the previous month, but withdrew from the event after it was confirmed that Alan Mendoza and Douglas Murray would be present.[3]

Rowley announced his retirement from this position in January 2018.[4]

In February 2018, he gave the Colin Cramphorn Memorial Lecture at Policy Exchange. His speech criticised 'so-called representative bodies' which he said 'speak out in such a way to create and exploit grievances and isolation, by: being equivocal in condemning acts of terrorism; undermining efforts to safeguard the young and vulnerable from radicalisation, and spreading disinformation about national security and foreign policy.[5]


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