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Linda Scherzer is an active hasbara, i.e., pro-Israeli, propagandist. Her current main activities are with Write On For Israel, a training program for Israeli-advocacy for American-Jewish High School students. In the past she was a CNN journalist, and has worked in several other news programs of various networks.[1]

From the WOFI Biography:[2]

Linda Scherzer is a former Mideast correspondent for CNN and Israel Television with extensive experience covering the Arab-Israeli conflict. During her years with CNN, she covered the first Palestinian uprising, or intifada, the Gulf War and Mideast peace process.
Scherzer was the only North American ever to work as an on-air correspondent for Mabat, Israel Television's Hebrew news program, where she covered Arab and Palestinian affairs. She traveled to Damascus twice to report on Syrian attitudes towards the peace process and produced a one-hour documentary, "Through the Eyes of Enemies: Is the Middle East Ready for Peace" which explores opinion in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt towards Israel. Prior to joining CNN, Scherzer worked for WPTZ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Burlington, Vermont where she won five Associated Press Broadcasters Awards. Scherzer was also part of the CNN team to win a Cable Ace award for distinguished coverage of the Gulf War.
Today, Scherzer is a media and public relations consultant, and advises the Jewish community on how to confront negative media images from Israel.



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