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Leon Saltiel is currently (2006) a Senior Fellow at UN Watch, an American Jewish Committee instigated and organized Geneva-based UN monitoring and lobbying group. Saltiel received a Master of Science Degree in Foreign Policy and Security from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. Leon Saltiel is originally from Thessalonica, Greece, and he is the nephew of David Saltiel (President of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki) [1].

Leon Saltiel, 28 Feb 2005

Previous appointments or activities


In October 2007, Leon Saltiel presented UN Watch's position on the repression in Burma.[11]

References, Resources and Contact


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  • Leon Saltiel, How to Fight Incitement to Genocide, UN Watch, 2 March 2006.
  • Nir Boms and Leon Saltiel, The Lebanese Test FrontPageMagazine.com, 7 September 2006. (Looking at the bright side of the war against Lebanon – dragging Europe to guarantee Israeli "security". Never mind the Israeli genocidal policies and actions in the region.)
  • Leon Saltiel, EU must speak out on human rights, EuropeanVoice, 30 Nov 2006. (Noitice that Saltiel is merely identified as a "political analyst in Geneva" – a proper description would include reference to UN Watch.)


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