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Dr Laurel Devina Edmunds is a child/adolescent weight management specialist. Her areas of expertise include the psycho-social aspects of childhood obesity, interview-based research, reviewing the prevention and treatment evidence base and helping families with child weight management. She is an independent consultant and researcher. As of 2008 she works as a systematic reviewer (University of Teesside), exploring mothers' opinions for a new weaning intervention (RCPCH/University of Warwick) and as a psychologist in the children's obesity clinic at the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital. She runs workshops for health professionals and was one of the 'experts' in ITV's 'Transformed: Overweight Kids' 15th August 2005. [1]


  • Ph.D. University of Exeter 1994-1999 Primary prevention in children at risk of obesity as adults.
  • PGCE University of Bristol 1991-1992 Biology with integrated science
  • M.Sc University of Bath 1987-1988 Applied Biological Sciences with Business Studies
  • B.Sc. (Hons) 2i University of Plymouth 1983-1986 Biological Sciences
  • Art Foundation Course Staffordshire University 1981-1982


  • University of Oxford, Merit Award 2002
  • Association for the Study of Obesity, Junior Researcher Prize 1999
  • University of Exeter, 3 year PhD Scholarship 1994-1997
  • MAFF, Scholarship for MSc 1987-1988


In reply to an e-mail inquiry in January 2009 regarding her membership of the AEF Edmunds stated that she had " forgotten all about this...I'm pretty sure I was invited(to join)...I haven't had much to do with them though." [3]


Edmunds' website lists her publications including papers, book chapters and commissioned reports. Most of these articles cover childhood obesity. Some of these publications have been jointly produced with Professor Carolyn Summerbell PhD, of the Association for the Study of Obesity.[4]

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