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<youtube size="tiny" align="right" caption="'The Three Terrors' - A racist video produced by Latma and distributed by AIPAC">VmffgIqlAYA</youtube> <youtube size="tiny" align="right" caption="'We con the world' - Latma mocks the Flotilla activists">lnSR6RhdqxM</youtube> Latma is a right-wing Israeli media project which satirizes critics of Israel and what it calls the "egregious leftist slant of news coverage" in Israel.[1] The project is run by Jerusalem Post editor Caroline Glick and funded by the Washington-based neoconservative think tank Center for Security Policy. The Israel lobby group AIPAC,[2] Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and the Israeli embassy distributed its videos as part of the media campaign to discredit the activists killed by Israeli forces on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.[3]


'Latma means "slap" in Hebrew slang', Glick writes. The project, 'focuses on criticism of the uniformly far left local media in Israel.'[4] For Segal, the aim of Latma is to counter Israel's media 'all of which march to the beat of the same leftist drummer.' Segal sees Latma as playing the role that in the US has been played by 'the emergence of talk radio, FOXNews and the conservative blogosphere, which all gave legitimacy to more conservative opinions'. [1] Besides usual suspects such as the Iranian, Turkish, and Syrian heads of state, the website has also made some odd characters the subject of its attacks. In one early satire it attacks the staunchly pro-Israel US chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel as a 'self-hating Jews[sic]' and a 'Kapo' (a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis).[4]



Racial Profiling

In January 2010, Latma posted a satirical sketch on its Youtube channel which mocks US airport security for not adopting racial profiling practices.[5]





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