L’Organisation Sioniste Mondiale en France

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L’Organisation Sioniste Mondiale en France is the French branch of the World Zionist Organisation.

On its website it says:

Under the 1901 Association Act, the French branch of the OSM carries out multiple actions in favor of the Jewish communities of France and Belgium: promotion of the study of Hebrew (ulpanim) and of Jewish and Zionist education (teacher training), preparation programs for aliyah (conferences, trips, workshops, etc.), the fight against anti-Semitism, etc. Its main objective is to encourage French-speaking Jews to learn about aliyah and to carry out their project of settling in Israel. It also aims to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the Jewish people and adherence to Zionist values.[1]

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66 rue Laugier
75017 Paris
Téléphone: +33 (0)1 84 79 06 55
e-mail: osm@wzo.org.il
Web: osmfrance.fr


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