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Kirsty McNeill is a former Downing Street adviser and currently director of Themba HQ, a consulting firm. She spent three years at Number 10 leading on campaign, communication and outreach activities for Prime Minister Gordon Brown. [1] She is also on the boards of the Holocaust Educational Trust and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust as well as sitting on the Campaign Council of British Influence, the cross-party campaign to keep Britain in the EU. She is part of the team behind, a new start-up providing non-partisan, online, crowd-sourced guides to public policy and evidence. [2]


McNeill was a trusted aide of Gordon Brown; she worked as his adviser in charge of external affairs. [3] She now worked as a strategy consultant to some of the world's leading campaigning organisations. [4]

Previously McNeill worked on the board of Make Poverty History and managed the Stop AIDS Campaign, successfully negotiating a commitment to universal access to AIDS treatment from the 2005 G8. She also worked as a campaigner for Shelter and in the Oxfam celebrities unit. [2]


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