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Kim Howells is the former Middle East junior Foreign Minister in Tony Blair's cabinet and a former chair of the Labour Friends of Israel. Howells is also a former Culture Secretary (2003).

On the Middle East Howells is one of the most quoted politicians in the UK government. He is quoted more often than his boss, Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary.

Defending Israel

According to the Guardian, he "shocked UK diplomats" when he told the Jerusalem Post that 'rocket and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip were a "measured" and "proportionate" response to Palestinian mortar attacks on Israel'. This at a time when 'British diplomats were lodging complaints over dozens of attacks on Gaza that destroyed schools and homes and the use of sonic booms to intimidate Palestinian civilians'.


  • July 2007: Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom[1]
  • 2003 - June 2007: Junior Foreign Office Minister, looking after Africa, Asia and the UN. (replaced by Mark Malloch Brown).
  • 2005 - Present: Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Present: Minister for the Middle East


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