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Keep Marriage Special is an 'expressly Christian pro-marriage campaign', which 'originated with both the Protestant Truth Society and Church Society' in January 2012.[1] To take it forward a 'limited company was formed in January', 2012: Keep Marriage Special Ltd. The founding trustees were Duncan Boyd (Chairman), Jeremy Brooks (Company Secretary) and James Crabtree. Viscount Brentford was appointed as Campaign President.[1]

The aim of 'Keep Marriage Special' is 'to defend the biblical definition of marriage and oppose any possible redefinition by HM Government.'[1] In other words the campaign is intended to oppose lesbian and gay equality.

According to the Protestant Truth Society:

With the limited company already in existence, and a team being put in place, much work is being done opening a bank account, developing the branding, building a website, securing appropriate social networking accounts with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and making sure that the campaign is fully operational by mid-April.[1]

It can be noted that the Coalition for Marriage a competitor organisation, is a Christian initiative and contains both Catholic and Protestant organisations or organisations that are not specifically denominational. This can be contrasted with Keep Marriage Special created around the same time by the Church Society and the Protestant Truth Society which seems to have no Catholic involvement.



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