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Kara Chan is Professor and Public Relations & Advertising option coordinator in the Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.

She worked in the advertising and public relations profession and as a statistician for the Hong Kong Government before she joined the academia.

Biographical Information


Current activities

Chan's research focusses on Hong Kong and China's consumer behaviour and social impact of advertising.



In reply to an e-mail inquiry in January 2009 regarding her membership of the AEF Chan stated that," yes (she was a member) since 2008...I was contacted to write a paper for the AEF publication. AEF contacted me throught email. However, as I mention that I have three other papers on hand and suggest some alternative, I lost contact with them." [2]

Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes


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  • Chan, K, Chan F., Information content of China’s TV advertising: An update, Asian Journal of Communication, 15(1), 1-15 , 2005
  • Chan , K., Mc Neal, J., Chinese children’s attitude toward television advertising: Truthfulness and liking, International Journal of Advertising, 23, 337-359, 2004
  • Chan, K. Material world: attitudes towards toys in China, Young Consumers, 6(1), 54-65, 2004.
  • Chan , K., Mc Neal, J., Advertising to children in China, 206 pages, Hong Kong: the Chinese University Press, 2004





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